Norwegens Generalstaatsanwalt: „F*cking Jews“ ist legitime Kritik an Israel

Screenshot Kaveh - The man / Youtube
Norwegens Generalstaatsanwalt entschied am Dienstag, dass ein norwegischer Rapper, der während eines multikulturellen Festivals in Oslo "F*cking Jews" sagte, sich nicht an antisemitischer Hassrede...

Thinking about Uri Avnery

Foto Michael F. Mehnert, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Uri Avneri brought honor to Israel. Only a robust democracy can tolerate such a strident critic during war, and Avneri was a very strident...

Sharansky: Europe must demand refugees‘ acceptance of its values

Natan Sharansky has come a long way since the gray winter day in 1986 at Berlin’s Glienicker Brücke where a spy-swap deal landed him...

120 Years After the 1st. Zionist Congress: a Reconsideration

On August 29, 1897,  about 200 people met in Basel, Switzerland, invited by a Viennese journalist, Theodor Herzl, to what later came to be...

Israel eyes Central Europe as counterweight to EU

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Refusing to admit that the students it was clubbing and arresting in winter 1968 were demanding freedom, Poland’s communist leaders offered a convenient excuse:...

The Islamist battle against modern civilization

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There is no neutrality when it comes to terror, said former Swiss president Samuel Schmid, when asked whether his famously neutral country can be...

Arab Inciters Recycle the Blood Libel

Arab Inciters Recycle the Blood Libel. Foto Twitter
Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Raphael Israeli. “In the Arab political world, classic extreme antisemitic motifs are used as political tools. These slanders originate in many countries,...

Love at first sight: A Chinese Christian’s journey to Israel

Photo Shirley Burdick
I am a fifth-generation Christian from China. My family immigrated to the US when I was 17. My relationship with Israel is a surprise....

Dysfunction and Denial. Why Doesn’t the Western Left Listen to Palestinians?

No other nationalist cause commands as much passionate attention and furious indignation on the Western Left as that of the Palestinians. If any international...