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Thinking about Uri Avnery

Uri Avneri brought honor to Israel. Only a robust democracy can tolerate such a strident critic during war, and Avneri was a very strident...
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The roots of Israel’ economic miracle

The transition from near-bankruptcy to one of the world’s brightest economies stemmed from a combination of political courage and Jewish heritage   It was probably the...
Ankunft von Flüchtlingen von der deutsch/österreichischen Grenze mit einem Sonderzug der Deutschen Bahn im Bahnhof des Kölner-Bonn-Flughafen im Oktober 2015. Foto © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons), CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cause and solution of the European migration crisis

To solve its migration crisis Europe must make major financial investments in the lands it once colonized   COMMENT By Amotz Asa-El Colonialism, the scourge that sparked, stained,...
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Arafat’s sabotage of Palestinian economic autonomy

The vision was brave. A billion dollars, already pledged by the US, the European Union, the World Bank, and others, would be used to...

Sharansky: Europe must demand refugees‘ acceptance of its values

Natan Sharansky has come a long way since the gray winter day in 1986 at Berlin’s Glienicker Brücke where a spy-swap deal landed him...

Women dominate Israel’s judicial debate

Israeli women may be slightly behind Europe’s in terms of parliamentary presence – slightly less than a quarter of the Knesset as opposed to...

Assad victory changes Israeli strategy

Syria’s current tragedy began with a farce. In one of the most embarrassing journalistic flops ever, American lifestyle magazine Vogue celebrated across several glossy...

120 Years After the 1st. Zionist Congress: a Reconsideration

On August 29, 1897,  about 200 people met in Basel, Switzerland, invited by a Viennese journalist, Theodor Herzl, to what later came to be...

Iran’s hardliners living on borrowed time

Russia’s communist revolution took 70 years to expire. Iran’s Islamist Revolution, now 38, is now taking the same course. “To get rich is glorious,” said...
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Israel eyes Central Europe as counterweight to EU

Refusing to admit that the students it was clubbing and arresting in winter 1968 were demanding freedom, Poland’s communist leaders offered a convenient excuse:...